Handmade Jewellery in Sydney, Australia
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Alison Dethélème Jewellery, Sydney handmade jewellery designer

Alison de Thélème designer, Alison Dooley, was born and bred in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and now works from her studio on the NSW south coast.

Introduced to the wonders of jewellery early by watching her grandfather cut sapphires and amethysts on his handcrafted diamond saw. She also joined him on rustic camping trips to Lightening Ridge, sleeping under the stars around a bonfire at night and mining for opals deep underground by day.

Alison de Thélème takes their name from Aleister Crowley's Abbey of Thelema, who in turn, borrowed the name from a Francois Rabelais satire. It refers to a small commune, an idealistic utopia, where acolytes would devote themselves to spiritual understanding.

The collection is inspired by the unique timelessness which comes from the weight of age and features textures and depth, creating modern styled solid pieces that are edgy and innovative.